Juno Mamba – Freedom
KUČKA – Wrestling
First Light (Volume II) Compiled by CC:DISCO!
KUČKA – Ascension (Mssingno Remix)
Dro Carey – Statue Garden (Sig Nu Gris Remix)
Dro Carey – Another Knot (feat. RUE) [Satl Remix]
Dro Carey – Boundary (feat. Zellow) [X CLUB. Remix]
Jonny Reebok – Aphrodite Dub/Ghost Town Riddim (Remixes) Peach, Myspacejuan
Jonny Reebok – Aphrodite Dub/Ghost Town Riddim
Dro Carey – Nothing Is A Solo Project
Willaris. K – Chapel feat. WaveIQ (Boys Noize Remix)
Willaris. K – Full Noise
Body Corp – Negative Reaction (FIO’s Goblin Magick Mix)
Juno Mamba – Blossom (TSHA Remix)
Willaris. K – LUSTRE
Juno Mamba – Light Echoes
Body Corp – Soft Expression
Willaris. K – 5 O’CLOCK (REMIXES) TSHA, Ghost Culture, Juno Mamba
ALTA – Reasons
Juno Mamba – Flicker (Nathan Micay Remix)
Love Deluxe – Souvenir feat. dip in the pool (Ruf Dug Remix)
Love Deluxe – Fata Morgana
Love Deluxe – Campari & Coke (Aleksandir Remix)
Willaris. K – Natural Selection/Cobaki Sky (Prequel)
ALTA – Figured Out (Jonny Reebok Remix)
Dro Carey – Atmosphere (feat. Kwame, Renz & Raj Mahal)
Dro Carey – Glow Now
Willaris. K – Alchemy
Willaris. K – Risen (Throwing Snow Remix)
ALTA – Now You Want Me
First Light (Volume 1) Compiled by CC:DISCO!
ALTA – Sentiment
Love Deluxe – Cool Breeze Over The Mountains (Mount Liberation Unlimited’s Boogie In The Garage Mix)
Love Deluxe – Silk Mirage (Marquis Hawkes Remix, Hysteric Edit)
Love Deluxe – Silk Mirage
ALTA – Fix It (incl. SHOUSE, GODMODE remixes)
ALTA – Unbelievable (Christopher Port Remix)
ALTA – Plans (Seven Davis Jr Secret Angels Remix)
Dro Carey – Queensberry Rules Feat. KUČKA (Mall Grab Remix)
Sam Weston – Never Been In Love
Sam Weston – Don’t Save Face (incl. Ross From Friends Remix)
ALTA – Sincere
Dro Carey – Elevate Feat. Cadell & Chocolate
Dro Carey – Dark Zoo